How to care for a leather handbag.

Hi Everyone! It’s Florence here to talk to you about caring for leather handbags.

A good quality leather bag can last you many years if you give it the proper attention it deserves. It mainly comes down to making sure that what comes into contact with the leather will only do it good and not harm. You should only ever handle your bag with clean hands and any marks should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth.

For tougher stains, you must act fast and I let crushed white chalk sit on the stain overnight before brushing it off with a clean cloth. In terms of care I use soft soap once or twice a year, wiping it off with a slightly damp cloth to not clog the leather, I then use beeswax to moisturise the leather and keep it supple. It may seem obvious, but making sure you prevent leaks in the bag is key, cosmetics and pen leaks can be very difficult to rectify. Should you spill water in your bag, try and absorb as much of the water with a towel and then allow the bag to air dry. Using a hairdryer on a leather bag can cause heat damage. Finally, if you know you won’t be using your bag for some time, you should stuff it with bubble wrap or tissue in order to help it keep its shape.

Hope these tips help keep your bags in perfect shape!

Until next time, Stay Fabulous!


Zella Ash