Zella Ash is a UK designed brand that aims to be a leading genuine leather handbag and accessories designed for women who love class, style and most importantly, quality and comfort. The vibrant colors of the bags bring life to the elegance women enjoy. Each design is unique and commands a fashion statement hence is a necessity for every lady’s wardrobe. 

Zella Ash handbags complement any outfit. Zella Ash is committed to quality hence the material used for making the bags are specially made with carefully selected high quality material and durable 100% leather sourced in Italy, Portugal and South Africa. By listening closely to customers to offer them the fashion and comfort they desire, Zella Ash intends to expand the business into retailing in the near future. The fashionable designs, impeccable craftsmanship and affordable price strike a chord with a passionate and fashionable clientele. 

Zella Ash is committed to meet the needs of customers who do not only value class, style and quality but also want a bag that is practical and can accommodate most of their basic essentials on the move. With the vision of creating one of the most desired global fashion brands.

When you wear a Zella Ash bag it has to be genuine leather, I like bright, vibrant colours and the craftsmanship, should be meticulous.
— Florence Ashman
Florence Ashman (Owner & Managing Director)

Florence Ashman (Owner & Managing Director)

Zella Ash History

Zella Ash was founded by Florence Ashman in 2015 with the mission of providing women comfortable hand bags without compromising elegance and quality. The brand is named after the founder’s daughter (Gizella Ashman).