Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag

Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag

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Complete your errands with this huge sized leather shoulder bag fashioned by Valentina.  It features genuine leather polished to promote the bag’s elegance.  Simple yet lovely, this huge bag doesn’t have irritating details.  For women who like practicality and simplicity. Just by combining the red and brown colours, the bag is completely a WOW for all girls.  This bag can be matched with any ensemble you may come up with.

The interior has a soft leather lining that oozes sophistication.  The polished leather both inside and outside are soft thus, even without fabrics inside; your items are protected.

Measurements: L: 29 cm H: 24 cm W: 15.5, this bag has an inside zipped side pocket and an accessory slip pocket.  The entire bag has a zip closure that secures everything inside it. 

Store all your belongings every day in this large leather bag and find yourself comfortable without having to carry other bags.  This bag would be perfect for running those small errands around town or as an everyday bag when out with the family.

Let this bag be a reflection of you!  Grab one now and add dd up this bag to your collection!  It also comes with Green and Brown combination.

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